Champions cup 2020 – St-Pierre-les-Becquets


Inscription : Invitations only (1st place of each affiliated league – season 2019-2020)

Registration fees : 495$

Deadline : October 5th 2020


A team needs to be registered at Broomball Quebec to participate

How to register ?

Each Head coach from a team must :
1. Fill in the online form of your team from your “My FQBG account” access, with a computer or cellphone.
2. Pay by cheque by mail, or communicate with FQBG for another type of payment.
3. After that your subscription has been accepted, go to “Line up” menu in your FQBG account and fill in your team roster after choosing your team.  It is changeable until your first game. 

To communicate with FQBG :

Alex – (819) 697-8147 or [email protected]



  • A team can represent a LEAGUE or a REGION.
  • Elite players accepted
  • A region can be represented only if no league in this region does.
  • The teams CS Terrebonne and Daniel La Source du sport are invited, being respectively Champions of 2019 Champions Cup and Champions of 2019 Inter A.

For a league…

  • Only one team per league is accepted in the Champions Cup
  • Each player has to play in the league which he represents to be eligible.

For a region…

  • Each player has to come from that region or to live in it actually.


Specific rules (to come…)

Rink address : 185 road 218, St-Pierre-les-Becquets, QC

Lodging: You choose yours.