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Quebec, represented by three new teams in 2020 !

By FQBG-Tuesday 05 Mar 2019

A success !

Last weekend, Center-of-Quebec, people saw the most talented players in all province. Teams were heading to St-Leonard-d’Aston to be crowned the team that will represented Quebec at 2020 Nationals. Teams delivered so great performances with two finals that were decided only in overtime ! Could we ask better ?

The three represented categories were : Elite men, Elite Mixed and Elite Women. It’s been three new teams, compared to 2018, that won the provincials title : As, Broom-Shak and T-Miss Sr.

The organisation and the Federation is very satisfy about the success of the event and is thankful to everyone that participated in that success !

Our Champions !


The final has been played between the Patriotes and the As. We must have waited until the last 10 seconds of the overtime to crown the As as the Provincial Champions. David Gravel has scored the winning goal to make it 3-2 in overtime. David has received the Final game MVP and a One by One broom has been given to him.  The Gladiateurs finished 3rd by beating the Sphinx in the bronze medal game.


The nationals and internationals defending Champions has defeated Daniel la Source du Sport in a “best of 2”. Broom-Shak Becancour, who was the host team for the event, has now their pass to the 2020 Nationals. Felix Guevin, who has scored 2 goals, has been the Final game MVP.


Big surprise ! T-Miss Sr has been crowned Provincials Champions in Women ! The team of Est-of-Quebec has defeated the Huskies 2-1 in overtime. Huskies were defending provincials champions since 2013.

Rosemarie Michaud, goalkeeper, has been titled Final game MVP !


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